Behavior Science for FinTech

Turbocharging FinTech with Behavioral Science

How can FinTech practitioners turbocharge their products? Instead of looking at just ‘tech’ capabilities, they need to look at an unlikely source: Behavioral Science. This post explains why along with interview insights from a Financial Psychology subject matter expert.

How to serve your clients lemonade when regulation serves you lemons

Financial Services industry regulations are usually burdensome for Financial Institutions (FIs) to implement. But they provide an opportunity for the FIs to up their ante when it comes to customer experience. With the right client-centric approach, FIs can serve up refreshing lemonade and create loyalty even when they are handed lemons.

3 Roles Critical For Financial Services Incumbents in 2016

As the Financial Services industry evolves, incumbents will need different skill sets to stay competitive. Data Scientists, Product Managers and Customer Experience Strategists can help FinServ incumbents stay relevant and evolve with the industry