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Behavior Science for FinTech

Turbocharging FinTech with Behavioral Science

How can FinTech practitioners turbocharge their products? Instead of looking at just ‘tech’ capabilities, they need to look at an unlikely source: Behavioral Science. This post explains why along with interview insights from a Financial Psychology subject matter expert.

Moving Compliance from ‘Friction Creator’ to ‘Customer Delighter’: A Perspective

Compliance is usually seen as a friction creator in Financial Services. Can it become a customer delighter? Yes, says this FinTech Compliance leader. He also shares advice on career transition from FinServ to FinTech Compliance.

Want a crash course on early start-up work culture? Try a Hackathon (Eight Insights)

If you are a business professional looking to experience an early stage FinTech startup or understand how fintech ‘products’ are developed, participate in a hackathon. That’s because hackathon environments are similar to early stage startup’s in many ways. The post explains.

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FinTech Speak

FinTech Speak is a series of interviews with Subject Matter Experts on FinTech topics. 

Entrepreneurs and experts talk about Financial services specific technology, compliance, FinTech ecosystems, advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and much more in these interviews. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest in this series.

What we are good at

Identifying Financial Services industry trends (AKA Domain Knowledge)
Connecting the right business dots (AKA Cross-Functional Strategy)
Finding FinTech, Tech and AI solutions for business situations
Getting things done! (AKA Execution)

What we do

Facilitate FinTech/ FinServ connect

With Hackathons and Accelerators that allow Fintech startups and FinServ incumbents explore each other with tangible use cases, we enable potential win-win collaboration

Turn FinTech Visions into Reality

With strong strategy and execution skills, we translate visions of funded startups into tangible outcomes. From product management to recruitment to operations, we have done it all – while keeping the burn rate low.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Partnering with an award-wining Predictive Analytics and Big Data firm, we bring cutting edge analytics capabilities to help data-driven Financial Services incumbents and FinTech startups.

Enable FinServ Innovation

Our experience in both the Financial Services and FinTech worlds makes us effective implementation partners for adapting innovation solutions from startups for large organizations.

Spread FinTech Awareness

Through subject matter interviews, thought-provoking blog posts, panel discussions and workshops we strive to increase awareness on FinTech and other topics among Financial Services professionals.

Advice FinTech Startups

With extensive experience in the US wealth management industry and a finger on the pulse of the automated investment advice sector, we guide FinTech startups trying to make a dent in this sector.

About us

We are 100% dedicated to Financial Services and FinTech industry. We enable Financial Services incumbent evolve. We help FinTech startups get off ground and scale. We provide business context to help service providers customize their product and offerings to the Financial Services industry.

S2E Consulting was founded in 2014 by Sandhya Krishnamurthy, a Financial Services veteran and FinTech entrepreneur.

We are based in San Francisco Bay Area.

Our clients and partners say it best

When WittyParrot was exploring ways to make our product relevant to the Financial Services industry, we consulted Sandhya Krishnamurthy of S2E Consulting. Sandhya understood our value proposition well. She was able to provide specific and tangible use-cases to inform our Financial Services Go-To-Market strategy. We look forward to collaborating more with S2E Consulting in the coming weeks.

Raj Rao Head - Product Development, WittyParrot

Sandhya is a thought leader in Financial Services and has in-depth understanding of the business challenges faced by this sector. She presents complex ideas in a simple yet powerful manner. Her clarity of thought makes it easy for our analytics teams to quickly visualize the problem statement. Sandhya collaborates well with the CXO level Leaders and  helps them see the strategic nature of setting up a data science program in their organizations. Our business partnership with S2E consulting has helped us in expanding our business in North America. Every interaction with Sandhya adds immense value which helps us in continuously improving our capabilities.

Naveen Jain CEO, TransOrg Analytics

Sandhya has proven to be a valuable resource for me.  Her understanding of the Fintech industry and contacts with Fintech thought-leaders opened connections for my Artificial Intelligence firm.  She is knowledgeable, experienced, and forthright – qualities that allow you to focus your work with her and set a course of action for moving ahead.

Mark Keith Managing Director, ai Innovation Technology